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Yuasa Cyclic Battery
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        Red Flash™ Deep Cycle Batteries
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                              Welcome to the DMS technologies on-line store for UK customers.

                              Delivery to most of the UK is now included in the price, please click here to view our delivery service information.  Please note that consignments weighing over 30kg will potentially require to be delivered on a pallet - please call us on 01794 525400 for more information. 

                              If you have any queries please call us on 01794 525400

                              Here you will find a range of batteries and chargers to suit applications including general industrial, marine, motorhome, specialist vehicles and lawnmowers - from high rate to deep cycle variants. 

                              Lifeline™ Deep Cycle Batteries Lifeline™ batteries are designed for good all-round performance and extended cycle life. They are ideal for all service load and starting requirements in yachts, commercial craft, caravans and specialist vehicles.
                              Red Flash™ High Rate Batteries Red Flash™ batteries have been designed to produce the very high cranking currents needed for engine starting from the smallest possible battery.
                              Red Flash™ Deep Cycle Batteries Red Flash™ Deep Cycle Batteries, using Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) technology, are ideal for marine applications, caravans and leisure as well as specialist vehicles.
                              Enersys Genesis Lead Acid Batteries Genesis battery plates are thinner, allowing more plates per cell. As a result, these batteries can reach a high rate of charge in fast charging conditions - up to a quarter of the time of conventional batteries.
                              Cyclon Cells & Monobloc Batteries Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) technology cells and batteries provide high reliability, fast recharge and an excellent cycling performance. CYCLON batteries have a 2 year shelf life at 25°C, and are rated for use in temperatures from -65°C to +80°C.
                              Enersys PowerSafe SBS Batteries Manufactured in a range of compact configurations using pure lead technology, the SBS range offers design flexibility where space is at a premium. Advanced plate technology allows SBS batteries to function in the harshest of environments.
                              Odyssey Batteries ODYSSEY batteries deliver the substantial starting power, rapid recovery, and excellent deep cycling capability that today’s vehicles demand.
                              Battery Chargers - Sealed Lead Acid batteries DMS technologies supplies a number of chargers all suitable for the Sealed Lead Acid batteries and battery systems we provide.
                              Battery Accessories Click here to go to our battery terminal cones for male and female M6 terminals.
                              Portable Power Remote portable power pack, extends the run-time of low voltage equipment such as surveillance cameras, traffic control systems and remote lighting.
                              PowerPack Spares In this section you will find spares for Red Flash portable engine start powerpacks.
                              Battery Protection - Low Voltage Disconnect Our range of Low Voltage Disconnects will protect your battery from over- discharge and improve the lifespan of your battery.
                              Ultralife Lithium Deep Cycle Ultralife Lithium Deep Cycle Batteries, using Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO₄) technology offer excellent weight saving within the same footprint as industry standard lead acid (VRLA) alternatives. The internal management system allows them to be used as an alternative to AGM or GEL batteries with minimal changes. LiFePO₄ is also an intrinsically safer chemistry compared to other lithium options. The integrated management system monitors the current, voltage and temperature of the battery and the cells. When the battery is used outside of the recommended operating parameters it will react and isolate the battery from the system, maintaining safety. When the source of the error is removed the system resets so that the battery can be used again.
                              USB Chargers For mobiles and tablets – the safe alternative for on board power The widespread use of smartphones and computer tablets has created an increasing need for user accessible, on the move charging systems. The PowerVerter USB Chargers can be easily installed onto any vehicle and allow both drivers and passengers to readily access power to charge any device connected via a USB lead. This type of system has the distinct advantage of largely negating the need for mains electricity on vehicles. The 5Volt DC power is much safer than mains, so installation is quick and simple. Passengers can access the charging facility directly and power their equipment simply through the USB charging lead which is supplied with all such products. All versions in the range can be connected directly to both 12Vdc and 24Vdc systems without adjustment. The advanced electronic design will also automatically detect if the device is an Apple or Android configuration and alter the charging process accordingly. This ensures that whatever device is connected, be it Apple, Android, iPad, phone or tablet, it will always be charged as fully as time and capacity allow.
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