Red Flash 12V40A Sealed Lead Acid Battery Charger


Red Flash

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DMS Part Number : 7700-0107

The 3-stage sealed lead acid battery charger offers a high quality, safe and effective charging system for both AGM and Gel lead acid batteries.  Charging is optimised over 3 stages providing fast recharge on suitable batteries ensuring that maximum battery life is achieved.  The 3 stages provide bulk, absorption and float modes, efficiently returning the battery to full capacity before reducing the voltage to a level where the battery can be left on charge for an unlimited time.


  • Professional, high quality design
  • 3-stage "intelligent" charging
  • Universal AC input
  • Multiple LED indication
  • In-built protection features
  • 2 year warranty
  • Suitable for both AGM & Gel batteries

Specifications - for full specifications click here for the charger's Datasheet
Float charge voltage : 13.6V
Bulk charge voltage : 14.4V
Max. Charge Current : 40A
Input voltage : 90 - 264VAC
Input frequency 47 - 63Hz
Efficiency (typical) : 86%
Dimensions (l x w x d) : 230 x 158 x 67mm
Weight : 2.2kg
Approvals ; CE marked