Red Flash Safecharger 12V 50A: Part No : 7700-0071


Red Flash

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Red Flash Safecharger 12V 50A Battery Charger for AGM & Gel Sealed Lead Acid batteries
Part No: 7700-0071

The Red Flash SafeCharger range offers safe and effective charging for Gel and AGM battery systems.
 When connected to DMS Red Flash (or other DMS recommended batteries) fast and optimised charging is achieved.


  • Professional design, easy installation
  • Temperature control sensor
  • 3 stage intelligent charger
  • LED indication
  • Prevents battery overcharging
  • Suitable for AGM and Gel batteries

These intelligent chargers are constructed for use with electrical systems commonly found in vehicle installations, on-board marine systems, workshops and industrial applications. The Red Flash SafeCharger automatically works in 3 stages (bulk, absorption and float), efficiently returning the battery to full capacity before reducing the current to a safe level where the battery can be left on charge for an unlimited time.
The temperature control sensor ensures that the battery is charged to its optimal level across a broad operating temperature range.   When using the Red Flash SafeCharger with other Sealed Lead Acid Batteries we recommend you contact the manufacturer for their specific charging conditions.

Model 5012
Part No                               7700-0071
Input Voltage                       230VAC
Input Frequency                   47-63Hz
Charging Voltage                 14.4 ±0.2V
Float Charging Voltage         13.7 ±0.2V
Start Point of Float Charge    3.0A ±0.2A
Max Charge Current             50A
Ripple                                 500mVp-p
Fan Control                         Fan On (Bulk/Absorption) - Fan Off (Float)
LED Indication                     LED1 : Green – Power on
                                          LED2: Yellow – Bulk/Absorption Charging
                                          LED2: off – Float charge
Dimensions  (LxWxH) mm    410x186x76
Weight                                6kg
Safety Features                   Short circuit protection – soft start current protection during turn on – reverse polarity
Approvals                            CE Approved
Operating Temp                   0°C to +50°C (Temperature Control Sensor fitted)